Seacoast Grace Church Christmas 2010Audio Visual (AV) Engineering is an art of combining the right pieces of audio visual equipment to enhance and perfect your multi-media experience, whether that be an auditorium for live and projected performance, a board room, a learning center, a classroom or a stadium replay system. This is what we excel at.

The perfect AV system is on tht truly fulfills the needs you have today while not handcuffing you into expensive upgrades to fulfill your future needs

From the development of your audio video system concept through system test and commissioning, we work with you to ensure that your system meets, or as in most cases, exceeds your expectations while enhancing your image all within the budgetary constraints placed on the system.

We do not sell audio video equipment or represent any audio video manufacture. We do this because it keeps us free to select the best components for your system without the pressure of meeting manufacture quota’s or being influenced by any thing other than delivering the best AV system for your needs. But that does not mean that if you already have a preferred vendor, we can not work within the limits of the equipment lines they represent.

To accomplish the goal of a perfect Audio Visual system it must be fully engineered. Not all systems are the same and the same thing is not required for every system to have a fully engineered system. So we work with you, your architect, construction manager and affected personnel to make sure that we provide all of the information they may need so that your AV system can be integrated into new or existing facility gracefully.

We do this by literally making sure everyone is on the same page by documenting everything required to accomplish the above goal.

Here is a list of the documentation we are prepared to provide. A sample documentation package can be made available upon request.

  • AV System Narrative
  • Conceptual Drawings also known as Signal Flow Diagrams
  • Develop bid specifications and contract documents
  • Equipment Parts Lists with Brochures
  • Cost Estimates and Value Engineering
  • Construction documentation including back box schedules and locations (provided architectural backgrounds are available)
    • Conduit riser diagrams including proper conduit sizing
    • Single line diagrams of all required subsystems
    • Equipment Rack Elevations
    • Patch Bay Layouts (where required)
    • Wall Plate Layout and Design
    • Structural Documentation (we can provide structural engineering stamps or provide all the documentation needed including detailed audocad drawings to the structural engineer of your choice)
  • Electrical and Data Coordination
  • As Built Documents for your records
  • System Test and Commissioning Verification

Please visit Professionally Engineered AV Documentation page for a complete description of what a design package should consist of. If your getting anything less then at some point, whether when the project is built or when it requires maintenance, you will be dissappointed.

It has been proven time and time again that the quality of the documentation is one of the major factors in getting a system completed on time and under budget. We are proud of our design documentation and provide samples of the type of documentation we provide. We will not stop working for you until you are 100% satisfied.

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