LOGO-cropSJD Engineering Group is a technology consulting and Integration Firm providing project designers with an in-depth knowledge of A/V systems design. Projects include commercial audio systems, commercial video distribution systems, large scale videowalls, video switching/matrix systems, sound reinforcement, performing arts, presentation, video conferencing, session recording and playback, and command and control systems.

• Apply strong technical design skills to produce accurate and timely deliverables.
• Shares knowledge with junior design engineers and AV staff by serving as a trainer and readily available resource.
• Deliver design development and document preparation in written and computer-aided design formats.
• Collaborates with your project management team as part of a coordinated design effort.
• Supports project requirements including basis-of-design narratives, opinions-of-probable-costs estimates, drawing documentation, systems design, and technical specifications.
• Research prepare and present coordinated design options.
• Reviews drawings and researchers code issues to comply with city, state, and county regulations.
• Interact with key clients and project stakeholders.
• Communicates with manufacturers and contractors to address challenges and develop practical designs.
• Development and editing of technical specifications.
• Provides contract documents that meet required codes and quality assurance standards.
• Resolve design conflicts and questions and provides recommendations to address issues and add value.
• Advanced knowledge of commercial AV systems
• Advanced knowledge of digital signal processor programming
• Read architectural, electrical and mechanical drawings
• Understanding of standard LAN/WAN network protocol
• Knowledge of standard commercial construction practices
• Ability to deal with sensitive situations with tact and proper judgment under pressure
• Ability to meet strict internal and external timelines/milestones
• Able to effectively provide, receive, and respond positively to constructive feedback
• Ability to anticipate, identify and respond to changing business priorities

We have…
• Ability to integrate AV design elements with architectural, civil, structural, and mechanical disciplines to deliver a coordinated design.
• Ability to prepare and review detailed drawings.
• Deep knowledge of audio and video systems for the built environment.
• Strong knowledge of applicable codes and standards.
• Ability to apply logic, reasoning, and organizational skills to structure concepts and ideas into deliverables.
• Ability to demonstrate a credible and trustworthy presence through professionalism, demeanor, and technical knowledge.
• Strong oral and written communication skills; ability to prepare and present accurate, professionally written reports and recommendations.
• Professional experience in designing higher education, business, entertainment and life science environments.
• Professional experience in the design professional contract document development and administration process.
• Familiarity with various construction delivery processes.
• Familiarity with and ability to apply sustainable design principles to projects.
• Knowledge of specialty calculations applicable to design discipline.

Responsible for
• Design of advanced AV systems including commercial audio systems, commercial video distribution systems, large scale video walls, video switching/matrix systems, and control systems
• Design and layout of commercial AV systems using AutoCAD software
• Develop and maintain consistent documentation for all projects/designs
• Creation of bill of materials and system sales proposals
• Effective communications with clients, architects, and planning teams regarding AV system requirements, functionality, and performance expectations

• ASEE degree
• Formal AutoCAD software training
• 15 years AV systems design experience
• Crestron Digital Media Certified Infocomm CTS
• Shure MXA
• Audinate Dante Level 1


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