I’m back…Finally

August 12, 2012 in General Information by Sam Davisson

Bummer OutSo, I’ve finally gotten past my malaise, over being bummed out (pictures like that actually do help) and fixed some firewall issues that kept me from being able to log in on my site and I’m ready to start doing the tech talk shit again.

Over the next few weeks and months I’ll be recreating some of my favorite posts as well as discussing some of the new inventions to come along to make us design engineers lives even more miserable. I’ve even gotten involved with doing some residential systems and I can spend some time poking fun at those people as well.

Given time I can even add more projects to my now non-existent projects list and add more engineering tools and a kick ass sample residential documentation package that I can guarantee will solve most of the problems that both home owners and residential AV firms have.

That’s me, problem solver extraordinaire. Someday the world will realize I really do have all the answers. I just haven’t been asked all the questions!

Ok, that was a little over the top but I promise we will be talking AV system design, technical advancements and anything else I can come up with or you can ask.

The journey begins again and lets hope I’ve actually learned from my past mistakes.

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